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Titan XT250 Reconditioned Airless Paint Sprayer Review

A reconditioned model of an item can give you all the performance you need at an affordable price. The Titan XT250 Reconditioned Airless Paint Sprayer has been well received by customers and has a lot of top notch features.
Titan XT250 Reconditioned Airless Paint Sprayer Review

It features a 1/2 HP industrial grade motor, .25 gallon per minute paint flow rate, a maximum pressure of 2,800 PSI, sturdy stand, max tip size of .015″, works with 1 and 5 gallon paint containers, and comes with a 90 day warranty to ensure you don’t get stuck with a defective unit.

The spray gun that comes with this paint sprayer is the XT 05 model, and comes with an inline paint filter so you don’t marr your surfaces with debris. Complete with a Quick-Flo Valve and Quick Check lit power cord, this is a great deal for the money.


  1. 1/2 HP Industrial Grade Motor
  2. 2,800 PSI Of Pressure
  3. .25 GPM Flow Rate
  4. XT 05 Spray Gun With Inline Filter
  5. 415 Reversible Spray Tip
  6. Quick-Flo Valve
  7. Quick-Check Lit Power Cord
  8. Compatible With 1 And 5 Gallon Containers
  9. 90 Day Warranty

Titan XT250 Pros:

  1. The versatility of this machine allows you to complete both indoor and outdoor projects with ease
  2. Powerful 1/2 HP motor makes this ideal for painting ceilings, fences, doors, you name it!
  3. If you have a lot of painting jobs to complete, this model will pay for itself in terms of time saved and ease of use
  4. Lightweight and portable design allows you to take it nearly anywhere!
  5. Extra long 25 foot cord allows you freedom of movement so you don’t have to move the rig so often
  6. Using Graco Pump Armor as a lubricant works well when you need to store it away
  7. Although it’s reconditioned, it comes with a brand new nozzle, hose, and gun
  8. 50 foot hoses are available for additional purchase if you find the 25 foot hose too limiting
  9. Titan brand name is well known in painting arenas and will thoroughly impress you
  10. Makes a great gift for people that you know have to get medium/large painting jobs done

Titan XT250 Cons:

  1. Can take some time to learn how to use it properly without getting heavy spots on your paint jobs.
  2. As with any reconditioned item, you have to be aware of any defects that might happen more often than with a brand new version.

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