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Combi All in One Activity Baby Walker GT Review

Combi All in One Activity Walker GT Review

Combi All in One Activity Walker GT Review

The Combi All in One Activity Walker GT offers an automotive theme that is very colorful and stimulates experience for your little one.

It has a bounce feature that is lockable, a steering wheels that has sounds and lights, anti-skid pads, a hood that is removable for play/snack tray and attached fun mirrors to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your baby. You can clean the seat easily because the seat cushion is wipe able.

Product Features:

  1. Bouncer, walker and entertainment center
  2. Sounds and lights on steering wheel
  3. Play/snack tray underneath removable hood
  4. Bounce feature that is lockable and includes 3 height settings
  5. Provides safety with the anti-skid pads


  1. The bottom on this walker is more stable and wider than other walkers.
  2. It has a thick material seat which makes it really comfortable for your baby’s thighs and bottom.
  3. It also includes rubber grips which keep the walker from sliding around a lot.
  4. The steering wheel on it can be removed easily when it is time for snacks or feedings and the whole thing is simple to clean.
  5. It is adorable and well made and offers many features to keep your baby amused and entertained.


  1. The only downside to the Combi All in One Activity Walker GT is the lack in height adjustments. You can adjust it, however, not too much.
  2. Also, the mirrors on it do not face your baby that well, however, there are so many other toys on it, your baby will probably not even notice.

These are really not that much to be concerned with which is why it is our first choice for baby walkers.

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