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Hunter Fan 20806 Low Profile 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Review

The Hunter 20803 52-Inch Low Profile III Fan is a highly affordable, 52 inch white fan with white blades. The whisperwind motor is perfect for living areas that require silent operation, and it’s very low profile which takes up very little space.

For rooms with ceilings 8 foot and lower, this fan is capable of blending into the surroundings for a seamless look that will impress you with attractiveness and functionality. The motor housing fits flush to the ceiling and this fan is compatible with Sawyer Art Mix N’ Match Blades.
Hunter Fan 20806 Low Profile 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Review

A ceiling fan like this can save you a lot of money in year round energy bills. So when you’re putting the finishing touches on your home, don’t forget to include ceiling fans as part of your overall layout.

Generally, people with ceiling fans installed in their home are able to recoup the cost of owning them easily, and then go on to save lots more over the course of the years they have them installed.

Let’s take a closer look at the features so you can see what this fan has to offer:

Product Features:

  1. 52 Inch Dimension
  2. 5 White Blades
  3. Whisperwind Motor
  4. Low-Profile Design
  5. Compatible With Art Blades By Sawyer Art
  6. 52″ Width X 52″ Height X 6″ Depth
  7. Lifetime Warranty


  1. You’ll barely notice that this ceiling fan is installed as far as seeing it goes, and it’s so quiet that you’ll never hear it running
  2. Totally vibration free – No need for a balancing kit
  3. These fans are so affordable, you can install one for every room of the house and easily recoup the cost through energy savings
  4. Great for night time and when sleeping – Won’t disturb you at all
  5. Lifetime warranty lets you know that Hunter is a quality manufacturer and this company stands behind their warranties
  6. Blades are self-adjusting which means you’ll never need to perform maintenance on them
  7. People have been buying and using Hunter brand fans for many years without any problems


  1. There are parts of the installation guide that are a bit unclear
  2. Unable to accommodate lights which may be a “turn off” for some buyers

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