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Excalibur 3900B Deluxe 9 Tray Food Dehydrator Review

The Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator is a great device for anyone who likes to eat healthy food. The Excalibur ensures that food dries efficiently and evenly.

Now anyone can make fruit leather or meat jerky at home, from the freshest ingredients. This item works with any kind of vegetable, fruit or meat. The Excalibur’s trademarked drying system allows food on each tray to dry perfectly.

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe 9 Tray Food Dehydrator Review

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe 9 Tray Food Dehydrator


Dehydrating foods allows you to preserve them without adding calories or losing nutritional value through cooking. Dried fruits, vegetables and meats are also great for snacks and treats, whether at the office, in school lunches, or on a family road trip, because they retain all of their flavor and nutritional value.

The Excalibur 3900 replaces the usual rear drying unit with a unique horizontal system, allowing the food inside to dry evenly as moisture is drawn out of the chamber. The movement of air also means the trays don’t need to be rotated. Includes instruction manual with over 50 recipes.

Product Features:

  1. The Excalibur 3900 Deluxe (a heavy-duty, non-timer family model food dehydrator).
  2. Nine polycarbonate trays; polyscreen inserts; fifteen square feet of tray surfaces.
  3. A built-in On/Off switch; adjustable thermostat (85º – 145ºF); and a heavy-duty seven-inch fan (600 watts).
  4. Instruction manual and Preserve it Naturally cookbook included free!
  5. One-year manufacturer’s warranty, plus a ten-year extended warranty available.  Products are made in America.

Excalibur 3900B Deluxe Dehydrator Pros:

  1. This dehydrator has up to 9 trays and there is a huge variety of items that it can be used for such as beef jerky and other meats, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Great for anyone who need to preserve things they grow in their own garden as well as for bought items.
  3. With a dehydrator it is cheaper to buy fresh items and dry them yourself than buy already dried.
  4. Provides 15 feet of drying space and has been rated higher than other models by people who have tried out many types.
  5. The heat element and the fan are located in the back of the unit, so air is evenly distributed around the food trays.
  6. It is large, so a lot of dehydrating can be done in one go.
  7. The thermostat can be adjusted and was found to be accurate after testing with a very accurate oven thermometer.
  8. Polyscreen tray inserts are easy to clean but have to be ordered separately.
  9. This machine is very convenient because the trays do not have to be rotated like they do in some other models of dehydrator.
  10. This dehydrator is very easy to repair, meaning that it will last a long time. However, after three years, many are still working like new!
  11. Comes with a selection of recipe books to give you lots of idea about what to make with it.
  12. As well as dehydrating it is possible to use it for making yoghurts and rising dough, so it is really flexible.
  13. It does not need to be monitored – it will turn off automatically.
  14. The temperature can be adjusted – low for flowers and herbs, or higher for fruits and meats.
  15. All the trays feature a mesh lining.

Excalibur 3900B Deluxe Dehydrator Cons:

  1. The trays have no sides and so if you were drying thin delicate things such as herbs, they may get blown away by the fans in the machine.
  2. There is no timer, but this is not a problem. However, it is easy to use a plug in wall timer so that it will switch the machine off automatically when the time is up.
  3. It can be a bit noisy, with a noise about the volume of a microwave or dishwasher.
  4. It takes up a lot of counter space.

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