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Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat Review

Saving money is important as a parent which is why many parents want a convertible car seat as opposed to other types of car seats. When looking for the best convertible car seat for your needs there are a variety of different features you need to take into account.

The manufacturer, adjustability, comfort, safety, and extra features are all key points that need to be considered, however with all of the different models out there this can be an overwhelming process!

Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat Review

When looking for a small yet superior convertible car seat many parents find that the Recaro ProRide definitely suits their needs. This convertible car seat is perfect for smaller cars and can easily fit in the back seat even with someone in the seat ahead of it.

Available in nine different color combinations and patterns, the Recaro ProRide offers tons of choices for parents who have a specific car seat style already in mind.

Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat

recaro convertible car seat

Lastly, this car seat is both forward facing and rear facing and can accommodate children up to seventy pounds! Overall this convertible car seat really saves parents tons of money and allows them to have a great car seat that will keep their precious child safe and secure throughout many years of use!

Product Features:

  1. Rear and forward facing
  2. Accommodates children from five to seventy pounds
  3. Energy absorbing foam protects your child
  4. Air ventilation allows your child to stay cool
  5. Easy to adjust harness

Overall this Recaro car seat is so easy to install, switch orientation, and adjust – everything a parent would want and so much more! It fits easily into any car and still provides tons of support and comfort for your little one.

Recaro ProRIDE Pros:

  1. It is not difficult to install – A common challenge of other car seats is their difficulty with installing. The Recaro ProRIDE doesn’t have that issue.
  2. It sits up nice and high – The Recaro ProRIDE allows the child to see out of the window if they are old enough because it is higher than many others.
  3. It takes up less space – This isn’t a bulky car seat. It doesn’t take up too much space which makes it perfect for being placed between two other passengers.
  4. Properly secured child – This is a super steady car seat that provides parents with the confidence that their child is properly secured.
  5. More solid – The Recaro ProRIDE is more solid that many other car seats.
  6. There is head support – Being safe is important but also being secure. With the head support the car seat is more advanced that many others that don’t provide head support.
  7. Supports sleeping babies that drop their heads – With the addition of a wide seat, the Recaro ProRIDE is made to support babies that might drop their heads while sleeping.
  8. Height adjustment is very easy to use – Parents will be able to adjust the car seat without headaches as their child grows older.
  9. Harness is padded and so comfortable – Seat belts are known to annoy children and might cause rashes on some children. The Recaro ProRIDE provides parents with padded harnesses to keep them comfortable.
  10. The head wings are very deep and the cushioning is superb – It doesn’t overheat your child since its ventilated!
  11. You have so many color choices to choose from it’s quite difficult to pick!

Recaro ProRIDE Cons:

  1. Definitely not for a compact car – While the Recaro ProRIDE isn’t huge, it’s also not small. It’s best to be placed into a med sized car or bigger.
  2. Rear facing simply didn’t work well for toddlers – Infants will have no problem with rear facing but as the child ages, it might become more and more difficult.
  3. Rear mode – When in rear mode you will have a little bit of trouble reaching back to attend to your child due to the high head wings.

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