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Porter-Cable 330 Speed-Bloc 1.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander Review

Sheet sanders are great for smaller projects like drywall sanding and stripping furniture. Their square design allows you to use them in tight spaces, and with these sanders, you use your own hand motion to create a smooth surface.

That’s different than orbital sanders, which have their own random motion included. Sheet sanders are appropriate for most projects that require a light tool weight and the ability to get into tight corners with ease.

The square pads are what allow you to use them for corner jobs, and you can even create your own custom finish results with the motion of your own hand. If one area of your sanding job needs one particular type of finish, and another area needs a coarser or finer sanded finish, then you can accomplish this with a good sheet sander and the use of different sanding pads. Not every job is the same, and you’ll see that these are very useful tools to get into those hard to reach places that an orbital sander and other sanders won’t.

Learning how to use a sheet sander takes a bit of practice, but you’ll see that over time, you become more proficient at using them. If you’re new to sanding, you might consider inviting a sander friend over to show you the ropes.

Porter-Cable 330 Speed-Bloc 1.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander Review

The Porter Cable 330 Speed-Bloc 1.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander has a super light weight, making it one of the easiest sheet sanders to work with in the industry. It has a user friendly, ergonomic design that makes working with the tool a comfortable experience.

Porter-Cable 330

Porter-Cable 330 Sheet Sander


The frame is made out of solid metal for a lifetime of hassle free use, and you’ll be impressed by the 14,000 OPM speed. Not only is this tool an effective option, but it’s cheap too! Check out the low price!

This is low vibration performance in a small and stocky package. After using this sander with its super light weight, you might not even look at other sanders the same anymore!

This Porter Cable sheet sander is probably the best deal out of the three, and we give it our highest recommendation for purchase.

Product Features:

  1. Solid Metal Frame
  2. Ergonomically Designed Handle
  3. 14,000 Orbits Per Minute
  4. Low Vibration
  5. 4 Lbs Total Weight
  6. Includes Operating Manual and Clamp Tool
  7. 3 Year Warranty


  1. Lasts for years of heavy duty use
  2. All the parts on this Porter Cable are replaceable!
  3. Doesn’t use bothersome wire retainers to hold the sandpaper
  4. Small build size will handle the small spaces that other sanders can’t!
  5. Will sand even the toughest of hardwoods like maple with no problem
  6. Quiet operation and comfortable ergonomics make it a real pleasure to use
  7. Lasts for many years of operation, and maintenance and part replacement is easy
  8. Can handle the most abuse of any sheet sander on the market


  1. It doesn’t come with dust collection – Get your brooms ready!
  2. Sometimes the power cord doesn’t want to lay flat – Might develop kinks

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