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Triton MOF001C Precision Router Kit Review

The company Triton is making great routers these days. The Triton M0F001C 2 1/4 Horsepower Precision Router Kit has everything you need to make precision cuts as long as you have a working outlet near.

The micro winding ability of this router allows you to make continuous fine depth adjustments across the full plunge range. The 3 stage turret allows for preset cutting depths, and a push button mode switch allows you to change from free to winder plunge routing.

Triton MOF001C Precision Router Kit Review

Triton MOF001C Precision Router Kit


It’s really easy to adjust the bit height when working with this router. The collet rises well above the table and it offers a great deal of power. Plenty for most peoples needs.

This is a soft start router, which means you can expect the motor to last for years of trouble free use. It has a built in circle cutter, full fence adjustment so you can trench with it, and an automatic collet lock system that allows for bit changes above the base or below the table.

Product Features:

  1. 2 1/4 Horsepower, 13 Amp Motor
  2. 8,000 – 21,000 RPM
  3. Soft Start
  4. Fail Safe Switch
  5. Winding Handle
  6. 3 Stage Turret
  7. Push Button – Free To Winding Plunge Routing Capability
  8. Extended Base Plate And Circle Cutter


  1. People like that you can change the bits from above the table
  2. Changing speeds is easy enough
  3. As versatile as a hand held for most applications
  4. Reasonable quiet and not too heavy
  5. “Winder” functionality gives you all the depth control you need
  6. With this router, you don’t need a router lift to change bits
  7. Router can’t be turned on accidentally, saves on costly mistakes
  8. Buying additional router bits can extend the amount of projects you can get done
  9. Overall a great deal for the money, Triton is a well respected brand


  1. Safety features can get in the way – Takes some finesse
  2. Edge guide could be more precise

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