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Venta Sonic VS100 Cool Humidifier Review

Venta VS205 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Venta VS205 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Good breathing is maintained while air is maintained. Air conditioner use, dry area climate living or troubles while breathing means one needs moisture added to the air from a great humidifier in order to increase humidity in the room until temperature is comfortable.

The Venta Ultrasonic Humidifier does just that. It includes a brush for cleaning for simple and effective operating.

Product Features:

  1. Ideal fit for 600 square feet rooms
  2. Capacity of reservoir is large at 1.8 gallons
  3. Easy removal and installation of replacing the cartridge

Final Analysis:


  1. Absolutely no sound. Often, most other types work well, but the loud noise leads to nights of absolutely no sleep, not with this one.
  2. This will run at least 24hrs on one fill, depending on the set level.
  3. It provides quick gratification as it continues to monitor the level of humidity throughout your room which is rare to find in other models which you have to only guess the levels.
  4. Humidifiers which evaporate have wicks and this one does not. This is a huge plus since wicks create a bad, odor of mold and always need replacement.
  5. This humidifier is simple to use with only a nob for humidity and one for the power of the spray along with a button for the temperature for the mist. You do not have to worry changing or buying new filters considering there are none.
  6. Often, other models will stop functioning all together after two seasons whereas this product will last more than two years while running clean. There are no disgusting odors which others often leave.


  1. The main con or negative about this product is that it can be a little difficult and tricky for filling the water up. To do so you must alternate it to an upside down tank position and then then unscrew it.
  2. Also, the Venta Sonic VS100 Humidifier is not digital, however, not a big deal considering the many positives of this unit.

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