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Vornado HU1-0021-28 Whole Room Evaporative Humidifier Review

Vornado HU1-0021-28

Vornado HU1-0021-28

The Vornado HU1-0021-28 Whole Room Evaporative Humidifier links up the effective reliability of a proven humidification which is evaporative along with the signature Vornado Circulation for an entire room.

This humidifier is very effective while the process for maintaining it is minimal and with a harsh pull, the circulator is bladed with a deep-pitch creating a room full of moist air as the unit pulls in the air which is dry, creating full humidification.

Also, heat if circulated and recovered off the room’s ceiling creating maintained temperatures of the room. The panel is push-button, simple to use and allows one to have complete control of the level of humidity and also the speed of the fan.

There are 1.8 gallons of capacity, creating the need for refills to decrease. The soundless system operating will not disrupt one’s sleep.

Product Features:

  1. Low-maintenance and effective solution for house humidity.
  2. The circulator is a blade which is deep-pitch and will convert dry, harsh air into air that is moist and then sending it into the selected room.
  3. The panel is simple to use and push button for one to have control on levels of humidity along with the speed of the fan.
  4. 700 sq. ft coverage area.
  5. Tank of water is spill-proof.

Final Analysis:


  1. During the entire day, levels of humidity are maintained and added. This is simple for cleaning and within a a few weeks, one may simply lift up the hood of the fan and wicks can be pulled out, dumped and replaced with updated ones.
  2. This product has a reasonable price and is reliable and using it is easy.
  3. Also, as it freshens and circulates the air, it is super quiet as well as strong, lasting quality.
  4. According to room air needs, it will automatically turn on or off.
  5. One may turn it on and quickly have relief.
  6. The wicks for replacement are found easy leaving behind minerals which are not stuck onto this humidifier.
  7. One may place it any place in a room and air once dry is circulated completely even without wet spots nearby.


  1. The LED blue lights are super bright and reservoir refilling is a bit annoying, but in the end, the Vornado HU1-0021-28 Humidifier is a fantastic humidifier!

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