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Waring DF250B 1800 Watt Brushed Stainless Deep Fryer Review

Waring DF250B 1800 Watt Brushed Stainless Deep Fryer

Waring DF250B 1800 Watt Brushed Stainless Deep Fryer

The Waring DF250B 1800 watt brushed stainless deep fryer is a powerful 1800 watt deep fryer that cooks food quickly without giving it that greasy feeling.

You just fill up the mesh basket with your food items, place it into the hot oil and watch it cook through the viewing window. Condensation is ingeniously caught in the domed lid and channeled away which keeps splattering down to a minimum.

There are built in safety features like the overload auto-shutoff protection, the 3-foot breakaway cord and the safety interlock system which halts functioning until the control panel is mounted properly.

Product Features:

  1. Deep fryer is stainless, has a 2 1/5 lb. capacity and 1800 watt immersion element
  2. Comes with domed lid that catches condensation, collapsible cool-touch handle and durable mesh basket
  3. Includes safety features which include overload automatic shutoff, 3-foot breakaway cord and interlock system
  4. Other features include 30-minute timer, 1 gallon enamel-coated oil container that is removable and dishwasher safe parts
  5. Measurements are approximately 12 4/5 x 18 2/7 x 12 8/9 in. and comes with a 1 year limited warranty

Overall, the Waring DF250B is a remarkable fryer that does a great job at crisping food!

Waring DF250B Pros:

  1. Long lasting – The Waring DF250B deep fryer is a long lasting deep fryer. One buyer pointed out that they had owned this deep fryer for many years and it always preforms great.
  2. Practically no clean up – Taking apart the machine to clean up only takes a few minutes. It’s so quick many people noted that it took them under 5 minutes. You can toss the heating element right into the dishwasher and all the other parts come out easily.
  3. Compact in size – While the Waring DF250B deep fryer is slightly smaller than others on the market, it provides you with superb cooking and is great for in home usage.
  4. Auto pilot – The main reason people buy a deep fryer is because of the temperature being on auto pilot and allowing them to sit back and just wait.
  5. It holds enough to cook for 2 people at one time – This deep fryer is smaller and is made to be just enough for a small family or a couple. Food is cooked properly and comes out delicious.
  6. It is a great way to fry – If you have always wanted to fry, using the Waring DF250B deep fryer is the way to do it. You get really crispy food since the unit heats up to 375 degrees. The temperature is more accurate than other fryers or so it seems.
  7. The temperature gauge – This deep fryer has a reliable gauge that allows you to trust that the oil will always be the temperature you need it to be while cooking.
  8. It is also surprisingly lightweight – Because it’s small, it weights very small compared to many others on the market. One buyer said they took the Waring DF250B deep fryer camping and it was a hit.
  9. The unit heats up really quickly and it has a large frying basket which is great.

Waring DF250B Cons:

  1. Capacity – One reviewer noted that the Waring DF250B deep fryer can only hold 2 to 3 pieces of large chicken at one time. If you are a small family, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. It’s wide but short – One reviewer noted that while it is light weight and small, it’s still kind of bulky.
  3. Results when cooking with lard are not so good and you do get a little grease on kitchen countertop, but all fryers tend to be like that.

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