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Window Air Conditioners Vs Portable Air Conditioners

When it comes to the temperature and humidity of your home, you want the very best. So as a consumer, you need to decide what will be best for your home. What are the advantages of a portable air conditioner? How about the advantages of a window air conditioner?

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the advantages of both and help you decide which kind will be best for the area you live in.
 Window Air Conditioners Vs Portable Air Conditioners
The Advantages Of A Portable Air Conditioner

With this type of air conditioner, you can take it to any room in the house and enjoy cool comfort all day long. Portable air conditioners come in more than one configuration, including single and dual exhaust hose models. Some people really prefer the single exhaust hose models because it uses the air in the room to keep the unit operating cool.

With a dual exhaust portable air conditioner, you’re using the air from the outside to cool the unit. This can create quite a problem because sometimes the air outside is very hot. This means the unit won’t cool itself correctly. Climates like Arizona and Nevada would be better off using a single exhaust PAC.

Some portable air conditioners use a battery instead of an outlet to power the unit. That means you may not need an outlet source to keep an area cool. Some portable air conditioners will also act as a dehumidifier to cut down on excess moisture in a room. This is great for super humid climates. A PAC will also use less energy than a window air conditioning unit.

A portable air conditioner can come in a variety of BTU, from 5,000 to 25,000 BTU.

The Advantages Of A Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a lot more powerful than portable air conditioners. This has been well documented. They are also a lot cheaper in terms of total cost. If you compare the prices of the two, you’ll see that you can get a much better deal with a window air conditioner than you can get with a portable. For people who don’t need to move their air conditioner to other rooms of the house, a window air conditioner makes the most sense.

There are also no exhaust hoses with a window air conditioner. That means you’ll be able to run the unit without having to have an exhaust pipe running to the outside window. It fits inside the window and is able to use an exhaust system in that way.

Despite popular belief, a compact window air conditioner can be moved and installed very easily into other windows. You just have to familiarize yourself with moving the unit and installing it. A small window air conditioning unit will still use MUCH less power than a house’s central cooling system. They can help save a lot of money over the cost of cooling the entire house.

Similar to portable air conditioners, the BTU of window air conditioners can range from 5,000 to 25,000 BTU.

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